Introducing DJ Bøn

By September 26, 2019Uncategorized

Winner of our remix competition DJ Bøn fka Byrnesy, will be featuring on upcoming LAGOON008 with is killer winning remix of A Most Wanted Man’s track ‘People’.

The original ‘People’ link is below.

A teaser for DJ Bøn’s version to follow on soundcloud once the masters appear 🙂

His forthcoming release on Lagoon will be presented as a 3 track ep featuring not only his winning remix, but a second Lagoon Recordings remix he has since done, and an original melodic and hypnotic track which is nothing short of phenomenal. The EP from DJ Bøn will be entitled…

Introducing DJ Bøn and should be ready late October.

Check out his other projects below.

Welcome aboard fella! Great to have u 🙂


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